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Strawberry Instant Oat, 5 Pack

Strawberry Instant Oat, 5 Pack

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Savor the wholesome goodness of Oat Flakes Kasha Minutka with strawberries, a nourishing blend by Kuntsevo. Each 43g packet ensures a delightful and balanced start to your day, combining natural oat flakes with the sweet tang of strawberries. Crafted with care and quality, it offers a nutritious breakfast experience.

- Nutrient-Rich Blend: Kickstart your day with a balanced mix of oat flakes and real strawberries for a nutritious breakfast.
- Convenient Portions: Each 43g packet provides a portion-controlled and easy-to-prepare meal option.
- Natural Goodness: Retaining the natural fiber and nutrients of oat flakes, complemented by the vibrant flavor and antioxidants of strawberries.
- Easy Preparation: Simply add hot water or milk, wait a few minutes, and enjoy a warm, satisfying bowl of oatmeal.
- Kuntsevo Quality: Crafted by Kuntsevo, a brand renowned for quality and flavor, ensuring a wholesome and delicious product.
- Customize Your Way: Personalize with additional fruits, nuts, or sweeteners to suit your taste.
- Storage Instructions: Keep the packets in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight to preserve freshness.

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