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Berestov A.S. Phacelia Honey, 500g

Berestov A.S. Phacelia Honey, 500g

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Phacelia Honey is a unique and rare variety of honey derived from the nectar of phacelia flowers, also known as scorpionweed. This honey boasts a distinctively light amber color and a delicate, floral flavor profile with subtle hints of citrus and herbs. Sourced from bees that forage on phacelia blossoms, this honey is prized for its exquisite taste and potential health benefits.

With its smooth texture and complex flavor, Phacelia Honey is perfect for drizzling over toast or yogurt, stirring into tea, or adding a touch of sweetness to baked goods. Experience the pure and natural goodness of Phacelia Honey with every spoonful.

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