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Roshen Kiev Vechirniy Sweets, 352g

Roshen Kiev Vechirniy Sweets, 352g

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Delight in the exquisite Roshen Kiev Vechirniy Sweets, a 352g assortment of delectable chocolates that promise to elevate your sweet moments. This collection offers:

- Rich Flavors: Experience a symphony of rich flavors, including creamy hazelnut, luscious praline, and velvety chocolate cream.
- Quality Ingredients: Crafted with the finest ingredients to ensure a premium chocolate indulgence.
- Elegant Presentation: The chocolates are elegantly presented, making them perfect for gifting or savoring on special occasions.
- 352g Pack: With a generous quantity, this pack is ideal for sharing with loved ones or treating yourself to moments of pure bliss.


Enjoy the sophistication and indulgence of Roshen Kiev Vechirniy Sweets, where every bite is a celebration of premium chocolate craftsmanship.

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